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Exchanges & Returns

Return Process

Is there a refund policy?

There will be a refund of 20-30% of the amount paid in advance if you are not satisfied with the output design. Refund is only available in the initial designing stage, once the final product is out that is after printing, there is NO refund available.

Drop off Return

May I return the artwork if it does not meet my expectations?

The need for that will not arise, as we prepare the design as per your specifications, we will not print the art unless you are satisfied with it. Once you approve the work, we will send it for printing and once it is printed you cannot replace it.

General Information

Purchase Conditions

How long does it take to complete one project?

Depending on the complexity and extent of the project, it will take 7-14 working days from design to completion and installation.

Does the wall gets damaged after removing the canvas?

There will be no impact on the wall.


Why choose digital art over traditional art?

Digital Art gives a lot of benefits, it is easier to get started and be more efficient, mistakes can be easier to correct and it is ideal for working with clients. The art made digitally can be printed multiple times without wasting.

Is the installation free? And also what is the installation duration?

The installation fees are included in the overall price of the product. The installation process depends on the condition of the wall, if the need arises we will have to apply a coat of primer on the wall as the artwork needs a smooth surface to be fitted on, which will cost extra.

Will the paint come out?

Our product is printed using printers, which is of high quality and we assure you that it will last for a long time under favorable conditions.

In what range of sizes is the painting available?

We create customized wall murals as per your needs, the highest range of size is 10 by 8 feet.

Can I hang the wallcovering over paint?

The wallcovering needs a flat and smooth surface to be fitted on, so the wall will be coated with primer and the wallcovering will be mounted.

Do you sell original Artwork?

Yes. We sell only original work done by the artist.

Do you have a Retail store I can visit?

At present we do not have a store to display the artworks, maybe in the future, we will start the storefront display of arts.

Is it possible to receive catalogs/samples?

Yes, we do have catalogs/samples and will gladly send you some. If you want to know more or receive some samples, you can send a message to one of our product specialists.

Manufacturers and Suppliers Code of Conduct

Where can I receive images in HD?

You can create an account in our Press Area, or you can contact one of our product specialists.

Where can I see the price of the product?

You can have access to the price of our products by clicking on “Get Price” and filling our form.

Does the artwork have a warranty?

Yes. All the artwork produced by Info Designer Studio comes with a warranty for three years

How do you pick your artists?

Our artists are the main promoter of the rich heritage and diverse art forms. We pick our artists very carefully so that they contain: pride in their heritage and alignment with Info Designer Studio, the ability to tell stories behind the Artwork and a Distinct & Unique Style.

Does climate change affect the painting?

If maintained under favorable conditions, climate change will not affect the painting.

What is the difference between our product and other wall Painting?

Traditional wall painting generally takes a lot of time to complete, whereas our paintings will take a maximum of 14 days, and it will have the same texture and feel as the traditional wall painting.

How will I know what my mural looks like before ordering?

When you send an order inquiry to us, we will come back to you within 24 hours with an email including a proof image showing how your wallpaper mural will look on your wall. If you need any changes making at this point then you simply need to let us know, and if you are happy with it and wish to proceed then payment can be made and we will print your wallpaper right away.

Shipping & Delivery

Types of Shipments and Delivery Periods

Can I pick up my purchases rather than having it shipped?

No. Once the art is printed, our team will deliver the art to the shipping address and will proceed with the installation process.

Order Tracking

How will my Wall painting arrive?

Your wall painting will arrive on a roll that is sectioned off into vertical drops that fit your wall height. These drops are simply matched up next to each other on the wall to create the full finished mural.


Payment Methods

What are the possible payment options?

Payments are done through cash, visa cards, and online transactions. We also offer an EMI option for all.

Pre-authorisation and Charging the Order

What is the shipping price?

We calculate the shipping price taking both the products chosen and the client’s address in account. The pricing is based on the following:



Artwork Value

Place of Origin


Special Requirements, if any

Gift Cards

Gift Card Information

Do you provide Gift Vouchers?

Yes we do provide gift vouchers such as eGift cards, corporate gift voucher and physical gift cards.

Not finding the help you need?

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