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Showcase your artwork to a global audience of thousands of art lovers.

Take complete control of your store, your artwork, listings, and get performance and other insights.

Join our international community of independent artists and receive exclusive benefits and access to our artist forum.

Ensured secure, fast, and fair payments as Doart charges commission on shipping and manufacturing.

Doart offers dedicated support and tools to help promote your artwork and build your career.

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How do I stay updated with Doart Studio?

You can stay updated on our developments and events by subscribing to our Newsletter to receive all updates on showcases and get-together near you, and get updates about our journal. You can also send us a message using our Contact Form or Email us at (email address).

Why choose Doart Studio?

The studio for independent minds, kind hearts & nomadic souls. Doart is an online platform dedicated to the online sale of contemporary artworks. Every artwork in our gallery is curated and carefully selected from the best artists of today!

Do you charge any fee?

Do art is a free platform wherein you can upload and promote your art. However, we follow a standard packaging process and a standard commission is charged for manufacturing and transit depending on the size and destination.

Are there any Intellectual Property considerations?

By using the Do art website and services and uploading your designs, you agree to our Terms of Service. Doart is happy to be an open and inclusive community. However, we may find a concept or activity to be in breach of our Terms of Service.

How do you choose artworks available for sale?

Our platform is open to all skilled, talented and reputed artists and they choose the works they wish to sell. However, we do moderate over the content and have the right to take down any artwork if its authenticity is questioned.

Are there any pixel requirements to upload my artwork?

To make your artwork published, you must upload your work in 800px by 800px on the smallest side. And at the minimum, your file must be around 150dpi on the smallest side. The maximum upload size is 4MB. In the event that your files are larger, then make sure you resize it before uploading.  You can upload the images as JPEG or PNG format. TIF and GIF files are not supported on the platform.